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Knight and Tabb is a completely independent insurance agency specializing in Personal & Commercial Insurance. Our clients are located all across Georgia, giving us a great feel for the insurance landscape. We design plans with a focus on risk management and low costs , which we combine with personalized insurance advice aimed at helping clients make better informed decisions.

From day one we have led the Insurance industry by basing our business on the commitment to our clients and prospects by:

  • Promptly responding
  • Listening to their specific needs
  • Focusing on personalization
  • Having the best Customer Service
Our mission is to build lasting client relationships based on a level of trust that is earned through wise counsel, positive results, clear and candid communication, and service that exceeds expectations. Often times our advice and good counsel is engaged without payment. That underscores our commitment to serve as your advocate, focusing our attention on putting your best interests first.

Our Team

Scott Knight


Phone: 770-786-1930
Fax: 770-456-5052
Email: Scott@knightandtabb.com

Tate Gaines

Vice President

Phone: 770-786-1930
Fax: 770-456-5052
Email: Tate@knightandtabb.com

Skip Argo

Commercial Sales Manager

Phone: 770-317-2145
Fax: 770-456-5052
Email: Skip@knightandtabb.com

Sandy Ozburn

Account Manager

Phone: 770-786-1930
Fax: 770-456-5052
Email: Sandy@knightandtabb.com

Kathy Bryant

Account Manager

Phone: 770-772-4211
Fax: 678-609-1563
Email: Kathy@knightandtabb.com

Kelly Lewis

Account Manager

Phone:  678-836-8462
Fax: 770-456-5052
Email: Kelly@knightandtabb.com

Jenna Leach

Account Manager

Phone: 770-786-1930
Fax: 770-456-5052
Email: Jenna@knightandtabb.com

Patsy Cook


Phone:  678-836-8462
Fax: 770-456-5052
Email: Patsy@knightandtabb.com

Kyle Bruce


Phone:  678-369-6532
Fax: 770-456-5052
Email: Kyle@knightandtabb.com

Mason Gaines


Phone: 770-786-1930
Fax: 770-456-5052
Email: Mason@knightandtabb.com

Dyna Aviles

Virtual Assistant

Why Choose an Independent Agent?

Let’s face it: Insurance can be a complex subject. Many consumers assume all auto insurance policies are alike, but in reality, they are different. Too often, consumers don’t understand their coverage limits until it’s too late. We want to help you understand your coverage, so that in the event of a claim, you can feel confident that you are protected. Many consumers have questions about insurance coverage limits that they are hesitant to ask. When it comes to protecting your family and assets, no question should go unasked, no matter how basic it is.

An independent agent is able to provide the personal attention to ensure that the host of circumstances that may impact your insurance needs are considered. They also have the expertise to answer your questions and will take the time to make sure you understand all aspects of your policies.

They know you, your family and your business

Since an independent agent often represents numerous insurance companies, they know exactly what options are available in the market. An agent will ask probing questions and make carrier and coverage recommendations tailored to your unique needs. You may have a special need or may be eligible for unique discounts that only certain carriers offer. Good savings can be found – including discounts and credits on auto insurance for driving a hybrid vehicle, having multiple cars on a policy or being a good student – and agents can help you take advantage of these discounts. What’s more, you’ll have one main contact for all of your insurance needs.

Remember, it’s not always about finding the lowest premium; it’s about having the coverage you need to protect your family, business and assets. Bottom line: there is nothing more valuable than a consultative agent who considers your interests when shopping for coverage.

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A Local Covington, Georgia Independent Insurance Agency


7145 Floyd St NE
Covington, GA 30014
Phone: 770-786-1930
Fax: 770-456-5052
Email: staff@knightandtabb.com


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